The Development

Coyote SpringsCoyote Springs is defined by a continuous valley of green. It is anticipated to be home to recreation and a threshold to the great outdoors. Within the community will be parks, play areas, trails and bicycle paths, as well as sports fields and village greens for special events and community gatherings. Add to these an equestrian center and horse park, and we expect Coyote Springs to be a haven for outdoor recreation.

Arriving at the future

Perhaps the most important aspect of any community is not where it stands, but where it is headed. Each Coyote Springs home will support the latest in fiber-optic technology and high-speed data making broadband-based entertainment, learning and business reality. This infrastructure will give residents access to the world at large and to their own world, from the community in which they live.

A place with a plan

In the town of Coyote Springs, schools are a primary focus. Knowing the importance of a child's education, learning opportunities will be one of the top reasons people choose to live at Coyote Springs. In addition, security, emergency services, health care and employment opportunities are all key factors in master-planning for Coyote Springs.

Community amenities

Coyote Springs is a place where people not only reside, but also work, play and connect. Homes, offices, schools, and parks help form a true community of the highest quality. Wandering trails and green, open spaces provide the elusive encounter with nature every soul desires. Connected towns and villages nurture interaction among neighbors, while championship golf courses and an array of recreational amenities offer much-needed release and - dare we say -fun. Not only a place to hang your hat, Coyote Springs is Southern Nevada's place to live.

A place to call home - and mean it

It is a community where life is in full motion, with a character of soul-stirring beauty, pioneering independence, interaction with the outdoors and of sharing the rhythms and richness of nature.


Coyote SpringsNestled among regal mountain ranges, the Coyote Springs valley features dramatic views of jagged peaks and open sky. This setting creates a sense of insulation from the city's daily grind. Although within easy driving distance to Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix and Salt Lake City, Coyote Springs is self-contained. With its own businesses, town centers, parks and entertainment, this world turns in circles all its own.

Development Team

Coyote Springs Land (CSL) is an affiliate of the Wingfield Nevada Group, a real estate investment, development and operating company. Renowned for its environmental sensitivity, architectural excellence and construction quality, CSL has fashioned successful projects throughout Nevada including Wingfield Springs, the Resort at Red Hawk, and the Foothills at Wingfield Springs, in addition to Coyote Springs. With its significant land and water holdings, The Wingfield Nevada Group is one of the largest private landowners and land development companies in the state of Nevada.

Pardee Homes, the master residential developer for Coyote Springs, is a proven pioneer of environmental stewardship. Their commitment to harmony between home and environment is shown in their conservation initiatives.

To build the community you've always wanted, Pardee needs your imagination. Help us know what activities you seek in a neighborhood and let us develop the Villages of Coyote Springs.